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Haas Product Guide

We specialize in all types of used Haas machinery, View our model guide to determine the size that best fits your manufacturing needs.

Used Haas CNC Machines

Haas CNC Lathes: Turning Centers

TL Class: Tool Room CNC Lathe

  • TL1, 16 Swing x 30 Length
  • TL2, 16 Swing x 48 Length
  • TL3, 20 Swing x 60 Length
  • TL4, 35 Swing x 80 Length

Chucker Class

  • GT10, 10 Swing x 8 Length
  • GT20, 11 Swing x 12 Length
  • OL1, 5 Swing x Length

SL, TL and ST Class

  • ST20, 15 Swing x 20 Length
  • ST30, 21 Swing x 26 Length
  • SL10, 11 Swing x 14 Length
  • SL20, 10 Swing x 20 Length
  • SL40, 25 Swing x 80 Length

TL Class: Sub spindle Lathes

  • TL15, 8 Swing x 17.5 Length
  • TL25, 16 Swing x 34 Length

       Options for Haas Turning:

  • MC for C Axis milling and drilling
  • S for Sub spindle for transferring work to the back end of the part
  • Y for Y axis machining for off center line machining.
  • Tool eye for measuring tool life or wear.
  • T - Tailstock for rear support and rigidity.
  • Bar Feed for pushing bar stock thru the machine to increase production time and quality.
Used Haas CNC Machinery

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Haas Vertical Mills: Vertical Machining Centers

  • Mini Mill 16x12x10
  • VF1, 20x16x20
  • VF2, 30x16x20
  • VF3, 40x20x25
  • VF4, 40x26x25
  • VF5, 60x26X26
  • VF6, 64x32x30
  • VF7, 84x32x32
  • VF9, 84x40x40
  • VF10, 120x32x30
  • VF11, 120x40x40
  • VF12, 150x32x30

       Options for Haas Vertical Mills:

  • High Speed Spindle for performance 12,000 15,000 RPM
  • 2 Pallet changer for production and increase of cycle time
  • Geared head for heavy duty materials and deep drilling
  • Chip conveyor to remove metal chips
  • 40 or 50 taper
  • 4th and 5th axis trunion tables
  • Haas Ethernet

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Haas Horizontal Mills: Horizontal Machining Centers

  • EC400 400mm pallet 20x20x20
  • EC500 500mm pallet 32x20x28
  • EC550 550mm Pallet 30x34x32
  • EC630 630mm pallet 40x33x35
  • EC1600 64x40x32
  • EC2000 84x40x32
  • E5, 40x18x22

       Options for Haas EC:

  • Full 4th axis rotary pallet 360,000 positions
  • 40 or 50 Taper
  • Large tool changer for tool capacity
  • Multiple pallets for production or Pallet Pool system
  • Thru spindle coolant for temperature control, tool life and flushing metal chip for removal

View all Haas Horizontal Machines currently in stock: CLICK HERE

ReSell CNC specializes in Haas machine tools with over 75 years combined industry experience in used Haas equipment. Let us know if we can help locate the exact machine tool that you are looking for.

Used Haas CNC Machines

View all Haas Machines currently in stock: CLICK HERE

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